"Good men prefer to be accountable."

 -Michael Edwardes

Accountability is an absolute must in county government.  When I served as a County Supervisor from 1989 to 1992,  I learned a lot from two great women... Neta Bowman (County Manager) and Sandy Dodge (Finance Director).  Neta taught me an important question to always consider- “Who’s checking the checker?”  In our county government it is critical that we have procedures in place to ensure we are properly protecting and managing our county resources.  Sandy taught me to respect our responsibility to be good stewards of the peoples’ money.  I cannot over emphasize the importance I place on the absolute need to have proper separation of responsibilities and polices in place to protect and account for every taxpayer dollar the county receives.     


​In addition to being fiscally accountable, county leaders must be held accountable for the decisions we make.  For a number of years prior to the 2016 elections, La Paz County taxpayers had been beaten up by the misguided decisions of a few.

As a member of the Board of Supervisors, I enjoy working in concert with my fellow Supervisors and the County Administration whenever possible... but I am NOT  afraid to stand up for the taxpayers of La Paz County, even when it's not popular. Some of the votes I am most proud of are votes I have lost 2 to 1. I explain my vote and what I believe is in the best interests of the county taxpayers. That allows you to hold me accountable. 

  I want to keep accountability in our county government, but I need your help!  I need you vote on August 4, 2020 and again on November 3, 2020.